Press Release: Berkshire Solar Project Commissioning






Projects — Berkshire School

PowerPlay Solar Development has developed and commissioned a 2 MW solar installation on the campus of Berkshire School. It is the largest operating facility of its kind at any prep school in the country and one of the largest installations on the campus of any school, including colleges and universities (as well as one of the biggest solar installations in all of New England). The solar plant will generate approximately 45% of the school's electricity needs on an annual basis.

Berkshire School is an environmental leader among private schools and has a very aggressive plan of achieving carbon neutrality by 2016. The project is part of a sustainability master plan submitted by Berkshire students to the school's Board of Trustees. The school has locked in a lower cost of power through a long-term PPA (power purchase agreement). PowerPlay Solar is also working with Berkshire School on maximizing the value of all aspects of the project including; curriculum, public relations, alumni relations and community outreach.

PowerPlay Solar partnered with Spire Solar Systems, the engineering, procurement, construction firm (EPC) based in Bedford, MA, to construct the facility that occupies 9 acres on the east side of Berkshire's 500 acre campus. The Berkshire School ground-mounted system is composed of 8,332 solar panels manufactured in the USA.

"Committing to this solar project is a significant statement by Berkshire School on environmental stewardship. It's been exciting for our team to develop this impressive solar power plant in support of the School's sustainability and energy goals," said Steven Levine of PowerPlay Solar Development.

Environmental Stewardship

Berkshire School's solar asset will reduce its carbon footprint by nearly 2,650,000 pounds of carbon dioxide while ultimately avoiding the equivalent use of 1.5 million pounds of coal annually.