"Our objective is to deliver the optimum solution tailored to our customers' needs."

— The PowerPlay Solar Team

What We Provide

PowerPlay Solar develops, designs, constructs, finances, owns and operates distributed generation and utility scale solar projects. Our development services include:

Intelligent Site Selection
Diligent screening of all factors including solar insolation, interconnection expenses, permitting reviews and land cost

Proactive Technology Selection and Cost Management
Most efficient project designs, reduction in EPC premiums, customized technology selection and thoughtful procurement including direct buying relationships with key vendors

Optimizing Revenues
Properly structured off-take agreements and maximization of environmental attributes

Efficient Financial Structures
Optimization of capital structures and leveraging of strategic financial relationships

Risk Management
By properly managing exposure, we can reduce the risk premium resident in EPC pricing, financial structuring and operations

Strategic Relationships
Numerous beneficial relationships with key industry suppliers including Infinia Corp., manufacturer of the PowerDish